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Interesting Population Statistics

I thought this was interesting, estimated statistics for 2011. 360,000 births per day 151,600 people die each day 15,000 births each hour 6,316 people die each hour World Population Estimate 6,948,542,820 (Nearly 7 Billion) That means the planet is growing … Continue reading

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E-tax and Income – Gross interest. You have to wait!

OK! all you E-tax fans get ready for the latest.  Screen 1302, Income – Gross interest.  This is where you enter what interest was paid to you from your financial institution, that typically pay around 0.5% interest.  If your total … Continue reading

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Android Backup/Restore and MyBackup Pro

I’ve been looking for a method to backup my phone so if I should loose or upgrade the firmware I’m able to restore the phone to its previous state.  All of my contacts are either in Facebook or Email so … Continue reading

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WOW! 3G Access from Ipswich to Caloundra

It’s not very often I get impressed but I sure was impressed today.  I left our home at Redbank Plains at Ipswich today to head to Dicky Beach, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  During this trip I decided to listed to an … Continue reading

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Brand New Branded Car Mats from Matcraft.

I can highly recommend using Matcraft for any car mats that would like to purchase.  I have found them to cheaper than anyone else and the mats are original branded.  They are sent to your door in just a matter … Continue reading

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Insulating the Garage Door

I have my home office in the garage and my desk is right up against the garage door.  Whats more is that the door faces west so you can image how how it has been lately and we have not … Continue reading

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WordPress and Wordbooker

Man there there are some excellent products out there, and the real exciting part is that they are all free.  I just found out about this product called Wordbooker that integrates into WordPress, my blog site.  Wordbooker allows my blogs … Continue reading

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Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

Hhhmmm,  I’m back on Twitter. Why, I’m not really sure.  You can see my tweets at I’m currently using Twitter to follow some open source tweets, mostly Android at this stage.

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Samsung Galaxy S. Is it really that good?

Samsung Galaxy S   If you want my 2 cents worth the my answer is Yes it is.  So I hear yourself asking; what is the value of your 2 cents?  Is your two cents equivalent to US$0.02 or is … Continue reading

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The goCard by TRANSLink, friend or foe.

With the release of the goCard some time ago, travellers in the South East of Queensland Australia can now use a card which is pre-paid and can be topped up for the use of  travelling on public transport.  The idea … Continue reading

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