Insulating the Garage Door

Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation

I have my home office in the garage and my desk is right up against the garage door.  Whats more is that the door faces west so you can image how how it has been lately and we have not even hit summer.

What I’ve noticed is how heavy the door now is to open.  We do not have an automatic door so we have to lift it by hand.  I wouldn’t have thought it would have made the door so heavy.

When I was carrying the bag of insulation bats out of Bunnings I didn’t find it heavy but trying to lift the garage door while the bats are installed is a struggle.

I paid $55 for the insulation bats which are rated R3.0, which means they are one of the thicker bats you can get.  I deliberately got the thicker ones as I wanted to make sure the suns heat could not penetrate through the garage door.  Typically standing a metre or so from the door feels like you are standing in front of an open oven cooking a roast.

Garage Door Rail Mount

Garage Door Rail Mount

The insulation bats are made out of fibreglass and holding a single bat does not feel like any weight at all, but put it all together is another story.

I’m now concerned that the bolts screwed to the roof that hold the garage door track up may not be strong enough to now support the weight of the garage door.  I have images of it falling down on top of me.

I’m sort of glad that I don’t have an automatic garage door otherwise I reckon the motor may burn out.

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3 Responses to Insulating the Garage Door

  1. jeff says:

    I would like to know how the insulation is working out for you now a year later? I found your blog o Google and I am not happy with any of the insulation kits out there since my door is a industrial size. input would be much appreciated.

  2. Yes after a year it is still going well. Some of the bats fall out of the door every now and then and as people walk past the door they scrape and bump against the bats which makes fibres come off, but in general insulation was a good idea.

    If you have to open and close the door on a daily basis I would advise against insulating the door. It has certainly made a difference with the western sun. Another advantage is that when the kids play outside and hit balls up against the door there is only a slight thud compared to a big bang if the door was not insulated.

  3. Bconvers says:

    Garage doors have springs, it’s not just the weight of the door your lifting. When the door is closed, there are torsion springs above. The lift a good 70-80% of the doors weight. The insulation will be heavy, and you don’t have to worry about it pulling out of the ceiling. You’ve got what looks like a very lightly constructed steel door, and it’s possible to have a 900 pound+ door hanging from ordinary studs. Just have your springs inspected by a professional. Don’t approach them yourself, they hold dangerous amounts of force. It’ s just important that your door be balanced.

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