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Gingerbread 2.3.3 is now on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000

After totally screwing my phone a couple of weeks ago by trying to rollback from CyanogenMod 7 to a stock install, I actually bricked my phone. I managed to take it in for repairs and they re-flashed the OS for … Continue reading

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Interesting Population Statistics

I thought this was interesting, estimated statistics for 2011. 360,000 births per day 151,600 people die each day 15,000 births each hour 6,316 people die each hour World Population Estimate 6,948,542,820 (Nearly 7 Billion) That means the planet is growing … Continue reading

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E-tax and Income – Gross interest. You have to wait!

OK! all you E-tax fans get ready for the latest.  Screen 1302, Income – Gross interest.  This is where you enter what interest was paid to you from your financial institution, that typically pay around 0.5% interest.  If your total … Continue reading

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Android Backup/Restore and MyBackup Pro

I’ve been looking for a method to backup my phone so if I should loose or upgrade the firmware I’m able to restore the phone to its previous state.  All of my contacts are either in Facebook or Email so … Continue reading

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