Gingerbread 2.3.3 is now on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000

After totally screwing my phone a couple of weeks ago by trying to rollback from CyanogenMod 7 to a stock install, I actually bricked my phone. I managed to take it in for repairs and they re-flashed the OS for me. I think I was lucky. I was only out of action for half a day and I managed to get it repaired under warranty.

Well I’ve had another attempt. I just can’t help myself. I’ve upgraded from Android 2.2 to version 2.3.3. I must say I’m quite impressed. I just couldn’t wait for the official release. Everything is running well and I’m quite please with the look and feel. One thing I am a bit disappointed in is that the Daily briefing application seems to be missing. I’m not sure if Samsung have totally removed the application for good or if it was just an oversight in this release. In its place seems to be a download application, that shows you a list of all files that have been downloaded from the internet and other sources.

When I installed Gingerbread I lost all my root capabilities so I installed CF-Root 3.7. This package came with Tweaks which optimises the performance of the phone so I’m not sure if the phone is operating smoothly because of Gingerbread or because of Tweaks. Another good tool which is part of CF-Root is ClockWorkMod Manager. I backed up my stock ROM before everything fell to pieces so I’m going to have a go at restoring my original ROM when my UNBrick download mode micro USB device arrives. This should allow me to recover if I should brick my phone again.

I think I bricked my phone because I didn’t really fully understand what I was doing. I now understand the PIT, PDA, Phone and CSC files so I should not have too many problems, or problems that I can not sort out next time round.

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