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From Asterisk

If you would even like to reboot a Polycom phone from the Asterisk CLI you need to configure 2 files.

The first file been the Polycom sip.cfg (or other) file.


Make sure the Polycom is rebooted so the phone is reloaded with the new configurion file.

The second file been the Asterisk sip_notify.conf file.



Reload the Asterisk SIP modules so Asterisk sees the changes in the file sip_notify.conf

sip reload

To execute the reboot from the Asterisk CLI type in:

sip notify polycom-check-cfg extension_number

From Handset

For the key combination, press and hold certain key combinations (depending on the phone model) simultaneously until a confirmation tone is heard or for about three seconds:

  • IP 32x/33x: Volume-, Volume+, Hold, and Hands-free
  • IP 430: Volume-, Volume+, Hold, and Messages
  • IP 450, 550, 560, 600, 601, and 650, and 670: Volume-, Volume+, Mute, and Messages
  • IP 6000: *, #, Volume+, and Select
  • IP 7000: *, #, Volume-, and Volume+
  • VVX 1500: Delete, Volume-, Volume+, and Select